Gravity Canyon

Hello my name is Millie, I came from Taihape area school to do some work experience at Gravity Canyon and this is what I think.


To start with, the reason I chose to come here is that I find the views and the excitement of high places mix pretty well together, Especially when your hurtling down the flying fox over water and the trees. But what I enjoy the most is walking up the stairs to get to the flying fox you can see everything, when the swing is going you can hear their screams and have a awesome view of everyone below you. Walking across the bridge and looking over the side gives you thrills, watching the water splashing all the way down at the bottom. Bungy jumpers have to be pretty keen to jump but as they say


“if you can’t jump push yourself”



Hello my name is Millie, I came from Taihape are school to do some work experience at Gravity Canyon and this is what I think. To start with the reason I chose to come here is that I find views and the excitement of high places mix pretty well together, Especially when your hurtling…

Gravity Crew Christmas function

This year we decided we would go to hawks bay for our Christmas party. So on Saturday we finished work and made our way to the hawk’s bay via the gentle Annie, 

Witch was a first for me and I was blown away with how beautiful and scenic it was. When we got to hawks bay I was excited to see the house we had hired and even though we were only there for one night it was good to stay somewhere nice with our own space to have fun. To stay true to the gravity canyon styles we had a few alcoholic beverages and a fun night was had by all. The next morning we reluctantly got up and went and had breakfast. After breakfast we made our way to the Napier aquarium, it was like fish porn for our eyes and was extremely entertaining especially seeing the cast of finding nemo in one tank and standing on a conveyer belt which goes through another tank.

Next we made our way to splash planet to spend the rest of the day which was amazing with lots of things to do like go karting, bumper boats, lots of waterslides and train rides. The thing I liked the most was  “The lazy river” where you just lay there on flotation device and relax as the flow takes you around and around the outside of all the pools and yes for the record Kayla did beat us boys on the go karts. After a long day we all piled into the van tired and a bit sunburnt and made our way home.

With great <3’s from Josh 

Mangaweka Campground

Visiting Gravity Canyon, why not stay at the Mangaweka Campground, here is their latest review


Great family experience”

5 of 5 starsReviewed February 24, 2013 NEW

Have had a fantastic weekend at the Pavilion in Mangaweka Camp Ground. Cosy cabin, kitted out with the necessities, which was perfect for relaxing. The kids loved the big paddock out the back to kick the ball around, the log fire and BBQ to roast marshmallows over. Can’t forget to mention the amazing scenery, and peace and quiet at the campground. Tricia and her family are very friendly and helpful. Very accommodating of our late arrival the night before and nothing was a bother to them. Overall the place is awesome. Have already booked for the school holidays this time spending a few extra nights. The kids are already talking about what we are going to do this time around!

Visited February 2013

The Lastest from TripAdvisor


One of the highlights of my trip to New Zealand. The staff are very friendly and professional and happy to share personal experiences of the activities.  Me and a friend chose to do the flying fox. The walk up to the starting point is a bit of a killer, but I guess if your ticker can withstand the steep hike then you’ll be fine getting shot down the canyon at high speed :)
The fox is brilliant (don’t listen to those who say its the wimpy option) twice the height of the bungy and very fast. there are a few moments just before you set off, looking over the edge where its scary and the intial falling feeling but after that its just AMAZING. you feel like you are flying, especially when you put your arms out. 
A must try if in the area!!!

Josh’s first week

OK… so I have just completed my first week of work for G.C and have been told to write a blog about my experience so far. Well where do I start… Leaving my job as a builder to join the G.C crew has been very exciting and also a experience in itself. Starting a new job can be quite daunting and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious (man I should be a actor because i hid it soooo well lol) especially when it was a massive jump in careers. Mixing in with all the staff was very easy as they are all pretty much like me (crazy). They are a great bunch of guys that definitely suit the jobs they are in, I mean hey this line of work is not ya everyday run of the mill job so they suit it to a tee… Travelling from bulls has been very different, clocking up 700kms plus in my first week blew my mind but hey with an amazing job like this it is all part of the fun. I am enjoying myself immensely and so far am so glad I took the leap (no pun intended) into this industry. Ever since I was little this was the dream job I wanted and even though it has taken me a while to get here I’m so glad I did. I mean hey I’m only 23 so at least I did it now and not in ten years time. Starting from scratch has been a little hard to get the hang of but I think I’m picking things up quite quickly and like a sponge I’m trying to absorb as much as I can. Learning everything has been really cool and I praise everyone here for taking the time to help me out even if it has been full-on on some days, they have still gone the extra mile to make me feel part of the team and I’m extremely grateful for that. So one week down and I have been learning about the in’s and out’s of how this incredible place works and loving every minute of it and can’t wait for next week………… SO WATCH THIS SPACE

Worlds Fastest & Longest Line

Adventurous people who are looking for something different and exhilarating to try need to head to Sun City in South Africa to try out the Pro Nutro Zip 2000, it is the worlds fastest and longest zip line and is a truly unforgettable experience! The Pro Nutro Zip 2000 starts off at a height of 280 metres and can reach speeds of up to 160km per hour soaring over rugged terrain on its 2km journey. This new adventure activity guarantees a four minute long adrenalin rush like no other. 

Booking are essential: you can book at the Welcome Centre information desk Sun City. Riders are picked up from Sun City Resort and taken on a 5 minute drive to the start of the ride which is on the top of a 280 metre hill. The cable runs from here and is attached to a mast 2km away at Sun City Resort. Riders are secured in a harness and then suspended below a pulley system that runs along a steel cable. This Zip Line can be completed either solo or tandem. The Zip 2000 adheres to all necessary safety standards and is currently the only Zip Lone to be certified by the Department of Labour. Children as young as 12 can join in on the fun, the oldest person they have had on the Zip Line is an 84 year old Scottish woman! It is open every day apart from Mondays with trips departing every two hours from 9am till 3pm. It costs R380.00 per person and R90.00 per spectator. It is hoped that the Pro Nutro Zip 2000 will secure a place in the Guinness World Records for the fastest and longest Zip Lime in the world.

Check out this guys video clip:

 For more Information please go to:

Manawatu Child Cancer Foundation

Last Sunday Gravity Canyon had the privilege of hosting the children and families from the Manawatu Child Cancer Foundation.

It was an amazing day! We prayed for sunshine and it came in abundance, there were plenty of laughs, with most of our visitors taking part in one or two of our three “Adventures in Velocity”. Those that were too small to take part in an activity had a blast playing hide and seek in our garden, helping out in the kitchen and keeping our crew on their toes.

All of the families had fought their own battles with cancer and it was very moving to have them share some of their stories with us, truly inspirational.

Our crew whipped up a huge feed for the group much to their delight. 

From all the crew at Gravity Canyon we would like to say a big thank you for an amazing day, we thoroughly enjoyed it and we hope you did too, we can’t wait to see you all again next year ;)



Child Cancer Foundation 

The Child Cancer Foundation offers support and assistance to all families through:
- Introductory kits at diagnosis with practical items and information
- Help with transport and accommodation enabling families to stay together
- On-going practical and financial assistance while families cope with often prolonged treatment
- National programmes funding research, education for health professionals and many other commitments to combat this life threatening disease
- Social events to enable members to meet with other like families/children 

Please click here if you would like to make a donation


The staff & their trip

Staff trip on… On arrival to Daytona (Late)  there was a small Vodka stop before we all entered to sign up for the action. After all the waivers had been processed and the pre race brief was completed we were all suited up in the karts for the warm up laps. 

The race was set to be 3 sets of 20 laps, Long story short Nick Smmmmashed everyone and all the other staff (Tomo,Shannan,Trissy,Tanya) where rubbish, so bad that all the cars were briefly stopped  so the manager could show us the angry face.

Next stop  was  chekin to the peppercorn backpackers, On arrival we were greeted  by the savage pussy who didn’t hesitate to inform us that we were late! Not only late we where “2 hours late!” 
She gave all the crew a brief rundown on the backpackers and its history followed by an Extreme tour around the facilities.

After all the crew got their lifes sorted it was Tea time, Tomo he previously informed us that Thursday night in palmytown was EPIC “Student night! “ I think were his words. When we arrived at highflyers for drinks/tea it was pretty quiet (Us being the only ones there) After asking the bar man when it all start to happen?, he informed us that in fact Tomo was completely wrong and Thursday night in P-Town was not the goods.

However the 24” pizza they supplied us for tea was the tits J  

In the original plan we were meant to be going to the new ice skating ring that had been setup in the square. However after checking it out, The line to get in was about 5 kms long,It was decided “@#*! That!”

That was it!! We didn’t carry on to any Bars or anything like that. Honest

Ps.. Many thanks to all the bars etc that hosted the crew that night J   


Makino Scenic Reserve Walking Track

Mokai Gravity Canyon, the Department of Conservation and local Iwi have been working together for the past few years on putting a walking track through the Makino Scenic Reserve.  This will enable the locals and visitors alike access to the Rangitikei River by foot and at the same time take in some the regions spectacular flora and fauna along the way. 
The track at this stage is just a rough tramping track, but our future plans include improving the standard of the track to a fully blown DOC walking track.  The track will start in the Makino Scenic Reserve adjacent to Mokai Gravity Canyon and go all the way down to the river upstream from the Bungy Bridge.  Stage 1 will see a 700 metre track ending at a viewing platform where visitors can take in the glory of the Might Rangitikei River and its surrounds.  Stage 2 will take visitors through the bush all the way down to the rivers edge.
Two of our staff members completed the track last week and have not stopped raving about it, we cannot wait to share this piece of paradise with those that will appreciate and nuture it.